T-shirt Design Contest Results (+ Band Council Meeting Info)


Pictured (left to right): Grace Sellers and Megan Jackson

Pictured (left to right): Grace Sellers and Megan Jackson

On Thursday, April 21st, the band council met for our monthly meeting in Mr. Peterson’s office. Because Miriam wasn’t present, yours truly took notes on her phone (and lost them lol).

At this meeting, we gathered all of the entries that were entered into our t-shirt design contest. Everyone voted for which designs they believed were eligible to be on our CHS Band shirts. Two of the designs represented our program extremely well, and we’ve decided to merge them into one awesome image. The result will be released soon.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also discussed at the band council meeting:

The defunding of the art program has come to our attention. We came up with the idea of an art committee- representatives from each of the art programs (art, theater, band, and choir) meet monthly and discuss ways to raise money. If art is being cut, who knows what else could be cut in the future?

Last meeting, we were coming up with ways to raise money for our program. The idea for a pancake breakfast was introduced. We would show up at 6:30 in the morning on a school day and feed the students pancakes for a small charge. We realized donuts might be a little easier on us.

Our next band council meeting is TBA. See you then!

Composition Contest Results!

On Wednesday, the results for this year’s composition contest were announced. Students had 20 weeks to write and perfect a composition that would be judged and chosen by Mr. Peterson. Out of the pieces he had to choose from, Mr. Peterson made a decision on which would be performed at the Spring concert.

Lauren Gaines (middle)

Lauren Gaines (middle)

The winner of the 2016 composition contest is Lauren Gaines! Congratulations, Lauren!

A Busy Week For the Band!

This past week has been filled with excitement!

On Saturday, March 12th, marching band veterans and newbies met in the band room at 8:00 A.M. to participate in the first of three marching band interest camps. Students from 7th to 11th grade grouped into what could be their section family in the upcoming season. The rookies learned the stretch routine, participated in team building exercises and games, and even rehearsed the new opener of our 2016 marching band show. Everyone had tons of fun and we recruited lots of people!

Pictured left to right: Megan Jackson, Mr. Peterson (Band Director), Lexi White, Chloe Fellows, Kyle Jones, and Caden Doty

Pictured left to right: Megan Jackson, Mr. Peterson (Band Director), Lexi White, Chloe Fellows, Kyle Jones, and Caden Doty

But on Monday, high school concert band students prepared themselves for the most dreadful week of the semester- playing test week. Every student was tested on their abilities to play four major scales (Db, Gb, G, D) and five SUPER EXCITING SCALE EXERCISES (!!!!!!!!!!!) in five different keys. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and Friday is the last day of playing test week. But in the end, we all increased our skill in the art of playing fourths in Eb, and that’s all that matters.

Pictured left to right: Daylen Cymbalist and Isaac Sattel.

Pictured left to right: Daylen Cymbalist and Isaac Sattel.

Leadership Positions Determined

Pictured left to right: Isaac Saettel, Tommy Gnadinger, Natalie Lowe, Kailen Farmer, Liz Ison

Pictured left to right: Isaac Saettel, Tommy Gnadinger, Natalie Lowe, Kylen Farmer, Liz Ison

On February 23rd, 17 members of the CHS Band of Pirates were interviewed for leadership positions for the 2016 marching band season. Students also took turns leading class warm-ups and conducting pieces.

2016 Leaders (Grade levels are listed based on the upcoming school year.)

Drum Major: Isaac Saettel (senior)

Brass Captain: Tommy Gnadinger (senior)

Woodwind Captain: Natalie Lowe (junior)

Percussion Captain: Kylen Farmer (junior)

Guard Captain: Liz Ison (senior)

Congratulations to our new leaders! Let’s make this year the best season we’ve had yet!

ISSMA Solo & Ensemble State Results

On January 30th, six members of the Charlestown High School Band of Pirates participated in the ISSMA Solo and Ensemble festival and received gold ratings for their solos: Michael Bremer (freshman), Laura McCawley (freshman), Nolan Knoebel (freshman), Madison Schnell (sophomore), Tommy Gnadinger (junior) and Carter Parker (senior). Three students, Michael Bremer, Tommy Gnadinger, and Carter Parker proceeded onto the state level on February 27th. Tommy Gnadinger (tuba) and Carter Parker (french horn) received gold and Michael Bremer (saxophone) received silver. We couldn’t be any more proud of our peers!

Composition Contest

Pictured- Ethan Hartsfield, Mimi Cymbalist, Grace Sellers, Thomas Gnadinger

Pictured- Ethan Hartsfield, Mimi Cymbalist, Grace Sellers, and  Thomas Gnadinger listening to a sample entry

With our pep band season coming to a close, our band council has been brewing ideas on different activities the band members could participate in, and the one that stood out the most was a composition contest. Students will write a piece of any style that they choose. The piece must be original and 5 minutes or less. Entries will be sent and revised by Mr. Peterson. The winner’s piece will be played by the band at the Spring concert. Entries are due March 18th. This is a perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and artistic ability, don’t miss it!

Leadership Interview Times Announced

Students are anxiously preparing for marching band leadership interviews that take place on February 23rd from 4-6:30. Potential section leaders will be asked a series of questions (discipline, motivation, team dynamics, etc.) by a surprise panel. Their answers will determine who is worthy enough to guide and coach the members of our band. Good luck to those who will be interviewed!

Interview Schedule:

4:00- Isaac Saettel

4:10- Kyle Jones

4:20- Michael Burchett

4:30- Tommy Gnadinger

4:40- Cristian Martinez

4:50- Daylen Cymbalist

5:00- Nolan Knoebel

5:10- Michael Bremer

5:20- Lauren Gaines

5:30- Kylen Farmer

5:40- Kaine Hall

5:50- Sophia Adams

6:00- Miriam Cymbalist

6:10- Liz Izon

6:20- Sarah Peak