Mid States – What You Need To Know

The Mid States Band Association (MSBA) is a consortium of band organizations from Ohio and surrounding states, including Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan. Several local schools participate in Mid States, including Silver Creek, Bedford North Lawrence, Madison, and Bloomington North to name a few. Membership in the MSBA requires participating in any MSBA sanctioned event during the competition season, in our case that happens to be the Ballard High School Bruin Invitational in Louisville, Kentucky.

A minimum of 7 judges are required for Mid States events, and they judge on Music General Effect (2 judges), Visual Effect, Music Performance, Percussion Performance, Auxiliary (Guard) Performance, and Visual Performance. There are also people responsible for assuring bands are within their time-frames and are on time to warm-up, loading, the gate, and during performance. Bands perform on 15 minute intervals, and a contest official signals the competing bands when to begin their preset and warm-up, which begins their 15 minute time clock. It is important to note that timing penalties are one-tenth (0.1) point per three (3) seconds or fraction thereof per violation!

(Hint: yes, all of this amounts to being on time, being focused, and being ready to give your best performance so far this year!)

Awards in Best Music, Best Visual, Best General Effect, Best Field Commander (if judged), Best Auxiliary (Guard, if judged), Best Percussion (if judged) and placement scores in reverse order are awarded during awards at Mid State Competitions. Finalist bands will be chosen based on highest scoring bands at the performance site, regardless of class (that means, in the end, you may compete with larger bands). The number of finalists is determined by the size of the competition (i.e. if there are 30 bands, there may be up to 15 finalist bands) and performance order is drawn at random from the finalists.

Classifications in Mid States are as follows: Class A – 15-35 playing members, Class AA – 36-50 playing members, Class AAA – 51-70 playing members, Class AAAA – 71-100 playing members, and Open – 101+ playing members. Charlestown falls in Class A.

For more information on Mid States rules, visit http://www.midstatesba.org/Rules.htm.