Composition Contest

Pictured- Ethan Hartsfield, Mimi Cymbalist, Grace Sellers, Thomas Gnadinger

Pictured- Ethan Hartsfield, Mimi Cymbalist, Grace Sellers, and  Thomas Gnadinger listening to a sample entry

With our pep band season coming to a close, our band council has been brewing ideas on different activities the band members could participate in, and the one that stood out the most was a composition contest. Students will write a piece of any style that they choose. The piece must be original and 5 minutes or less. Entries will be sent and revised by Mr. Peterson. The winner’s piece will be played by the band at the Spring concert. Entries are due March 18th. This is a perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and artistic ability, don’t miss it!

Leadership Interview Times Announced

Students are anxiously preparing for marching band leadership interviews that take place on February 23rd from 4-6:30. Potential section leaders will be asked a series of questions (discipline, motivation, team dynamics, etc.) by a surprise panel. Their answers will determine who is worthy enough to guide and coach the members of our band. Good luck to those who will be interviewed!

Interview Schedule:

4:00- Isaac Saettel

4:10- Kyle Jones

4:20- Michael Burchett

4:30- Tommy Gnadinger

4:40- Cristian Martinez

4:50- Daylen Cymbalist

5:00- Nolan Knoebel

5:10- Michael Bremer

5:20- Lauren Gaines

5:30- Kylen Farmer

5:40- Kaine Hall

5:50- Sophia Adams

6:00- Miriam Cymbalist

6:10- Liz Izon

6:20- Sarah Peak

Charlestown Wins Big At Salem!

The Charlestown Marching Band of Pirates started the season out with a bang Saturday after taking home a total of 5 awards for Class A, including first place.

The band earned First Place in Class A, Best Guard, Best General Effect, Best Music, and Best Visual Representation! Just like last year, Charlestown came out to be a two time Champion for class A. It was an excellent performance to start out what is expected to be an exciting marching season.

The Charlestown Band of Pirates at Salem High School on Saturday, September 12th, 2015:

The band will be traveling to Paoli, Indiana to compete in the Pride of Paoli Invitational this Saturday (September 19th). Come out and support your band and let’s make this a great season!

Address for Paoli Jr./Sr. High School: Paoli High School, 501 Elm Street, Paoli, IN 47454. The band is performing at 5:20pm.

Salem: Here We Come

After months of rehearsal, two weeks of band camp, and two football game half time performances, the Charlestown Band of Pirates is ready to take on the competition!

The Charlestown Marching Band of Pirates will be traveling to Salem High School in Salem, Indiana to compete in the Salem Marching Invitational. After an excellent performance last year at Salem, earning first place in Class A competition along with Best Music, Best Color Guard, and Best Visual Effect, who knows what is in store this year? The bar has been set high for our pirate band of over 40 marching members. The weather this weekend is currently expected to be in the 70’s and partly cloudy, which definitely in favor of anyone who is marching this Saturday (the band also performs later in the day, adding some extra practice time before performance).

2014 Marching Band of Pirates at Salem:

Come out to Salem, Indiana this Saturday (September 12th) to show some Pirate Pride for our Marching Band of Pirates. The band performs at 6:45pm.


2015 “Joy” Preview:

If you are interested in helping load or carry equipment, let us know! As soon as awards are given out they will be posted on See you there.

Football, Band Council, Donations, and Newsletters!

The 2015-2016 school year has kicked off with lots of new initiatives, new faces, and fresh new ideas. From football to Band Council, here is your insider look at what is going on with the Charlestown Band of Pirates!


The first home football game of the season is this Friday (August 21st). The Marching Band will be performing its first public performance during half time at the game and will be playing in the stand during the game. The Band Boosters will be selling sliced caramel apples ($3.00 a slice or 2 for $5.00) and cheese cake ($3.00 or 2 for $5.00), with the ability to mix and match items, as well as polo t-Shirts ($20.00 each) and marching band t-shirts ($10.00 each). The Band Boosters will have a booth set up during the game and will be selling items throughout the game while supplies last. Last year this fundraiser was very successful, and the Band Boosters are confident that this year the fundraiser will be even more popular with the new shirts available for sale.

Band Council

Students in the Charlestown High School concert band held their annual Band Council elections, where students are nominated and elected for Band Council positions. The Band Council is the student organization that represents the bands of Charlestown Middle School and Charlestown High School. Positions in the Band Council include President (Carter Parker), Vice President (Ethan Hartsfield), Treasurer (Madison Schnell), Secretary (Mariam Cymbalist), Historian (Tommy Gnadinger), Librarian (Megan Jackson), Webmaster (Lauren Gaines), sixth grade representative (Grace Sellers), tenth grade representative (Daylen Cymbalist), eleventh grade representative (Isaac Saettel), and twelfth grade representative (Amber Wilder).

The Band Council will be serving a more important role than ever before this year. Communications will be taken seriously this year, and the Band Council will be a key role in making that happen, by helping to run this website, making newsletters, making announcements, and having a bulletin board with information posted in the high school band room. The Band Council will also work on other projects, including recruitment of new band members and color guard members, fundraising, and keeping strong communications flowing between our programs and the schools. They will also be in close coordination with the Band Boosters this year to assure that information, opinions, and ideas are passed from the students to our adult leadership, assuring our programs are more inclusive and equally represented overall. There will be a lot of work ahead, but the overall goal is to get more students and parents involved in our program while also increasing overall interest and support.

Band Council meeting minutes will be posted monthly and can be found here.

Instrument Donations

After a large influx of low-income 6th graders this year, the band ran out of school-owned instruments available to loan out to students who could not afford rentals. According to the Indiana Department of Education, over 50% of the students at Charlestown Middle School are on free or reduced lunch while over 40% of students at the high school are on free or reduced lunch. Many of our students do not have the resources to rent or purchase band instruments, and it is up to the band and the Band Boosters to assure these students have the resources they need so that they may participate in our programs. The band has a limited supply of instruments available for low-income students, and this year we just did not have enough resources to compensate for the growing popularity of the band program. This is both a good and bad problem to have because it shows that the band is growing, while it also shows the large amount of low-income students there are in our schools.

Due to the increase in students, there were around 12 sixth grade students who did not have a band instrument to play this year. Because of the strong need for instruments, the Band Boosters started an instrument donation program to get more instruments for our low-income students. We started this initiative and we successfully got the number of instruments we needed to get instruments for all of our low-income students (and more!).  Amazingly, it was realized that there are a lot of graduated students have old band instruments that they have not played in years, and those instruments could give band students the same happiness they once gave them. The Band Boosters and all of the students of our band would like to an extend a big thank you for your donations and support. The Band Boosters are considering extending the program or making it an annual instrument donation drive with the primary focus of helping low-income band students. If you are interested in donating a used band instrument, please contact us at


The Official Charlestown Band Newsletter has been printed and will be sent home with students at all of our schools later this week. The Band Newsletter will be printed bi-monthly and will be sent home to all students at all of our schools to give parents an inside look at band information, upcoming events, fundraisers, news, and more. Along with the newsletters, more content will also be posted on our band website, our Facebook, and our Twitter.

Band Booster Meetings

The Band Boosters voted to change meeting times from 7:00pm to 7:30pm on the first Thursday of every month. This was to compensate for various schedule conflicts with booster officers. The next Band Booster meeting will be Thursday, September 3rd, at 7:30pm. The Band Boosters will be voting on the band budget, discussing upcoming marching band competitions, discussing the upcoming fall fundraiser, and more! Please join us and support your Charlestown Band of Pirates. All parents and graduated band students are welcome to attend and vote at our public meetings.

If you are interested in reviewing the proposed 2015 Band Booster Budget, please click here.


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