Concert Guidelines

Concerts are an important part of music education. Being able to perform music in front of others will challenge a student and will help him or her become a better musician. Concerts are an opportunity for performing musicians to demonstrate his or her musical talent and technical abilities that he or she has learned over a period of several months. Therefore, it is expected that all students will participate in all concerts. Missing a concert will have a negative impact on your grade.

A performance schedule is regularly maintained and updated on our website calendar page and newsletters will be sent home throughout the year, so there should be no excuse to miss a performance. Emergencies and extreme illnesses will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Concert etiquette is highly important and is also a portion of each performance grade. When we are on stage, we represent not only ourselves, but our schools, our families, our community, and each other. If any of us look or act unprofessional, it will make the rest of us look bad. There are several guidelines for performances:

  • Arrive early. This will give you time to warm up individually and with the band.
  • Wear the appropriate attire:
    • Men: Black dress shirts (tucked in), dress pants (black), dress shoes (black), black socks. Ties or Coat are optional.
    • Women; Dress or dressy tops with skirts/pants, must be black. Be aware that for some performances you may be on stage sitting above the audience, please wear appropriate length.
    • In the winter concert holiday hats may be approved, see band director.
  • Sit and remain quiet until you are instructed to perform, be respectful of all other performances that may be taking place.

If you have any concerns about a possible conflict with a concert date, please contact the band director as far in advance as possible.

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