Student Responsibilities

Responsibilities Of The Band Student
As a member of the Charlestown band, you are responsible for:

  1. Being on time for all rehearsals and performances. This means arriving to the rehearsal/performance in time to get your instrument and materials, warm up on your own properly, and be ready when the director begins rehearsal/warm-up. “To be early is to be on time…”
  2. Having all materials for every rehearsal/performance. These materials include: instrument, accessories needed to play your instrument (valve oil, 2 reeds, etc), all music, handouts, and method books, and a PENCIL.
  3. Observing proper rehearsal technique at all times, which includes:
    1. Always noting the agenda for the day’s rehearsal/performance that will be posted on the board.
    2. Refraining from causing a distraction while instruction is taking place.
    3. Using every minute of rehearsal time toward improving musically; silent playing, writing in counts, looking up unusual notes, etc.
    4. Sitting with good posture.
    5. Proper horn position and hand placement on instrument.
    6. Not playing after the cut off or while instruction is being given.
    7. Watching the conductor for downbeats, tempo, meter changes, releases, and musical expression.
    8. Properly marking music (WITH PENCIL) with assigned or needed rehearsal marks.
    9. Using good/effective warm-up techniques
    10. Using good LISTENING skills:
      1. Tuning
      2. Balance/Blend
      3. Timbre (Tone Color)
      4. Applying previously discussed musical concepts
      5. Raising your hand to ask or answer questions
      6. Always demonstrating musical respect and maturity
  4. Obtaining replacement parts in a timely manner for any music that may have been lost
  5. Making sure that your instrument is in good working order. This includes:
    1. Having at least 2 good/working reeds
    2. All slides move on brass instruments
    3. All corks and/or pads on your instrument are in good condition
    4. Valves are oiled and move properly
    5. Notifying the director if your instrument needs repair
  6. Keeping the band room clean and organized
  7. Having correct attire for all band performances/activities
  8. Following the PRIDE expectations