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What Is The Charlestown Band Booster Association?

The Charlestown Band of Pirates only receives roughly one-eighth of its funding from the Greater Clark County Schools Corporation, all the rest of the funding for all of our Concert Bands, our Pep Band, our Marching Band, our Color Guard, our Winter Guard, our Music Theory classes, and our Music History classes are provided through the Band Booster Association. The primary goal for the organization is and always has been to provide financial support to the talented youth of Charlestown, Indiana so that they may participate in the Band and Color Guard programs within our community so that our Band programs never face these issues.

Without the financial support provided by the Band Booster Association, many low-income students would not be able to participate in our programs, many of our programs would face severe cuts, there would be little to no money for transportation, and the quality of our programs would drastically suffer. The Charlestown Band Booster Association is a long standing tradition in the city of Charlestown, Indiana, spanning all the way back to the Charlestown Band Parents Organization in the mid 1900’s. It is up to us, all of our community, to continue this long-standing tradition in order to assist our youth so that they may participate in our programs and receive a well-rounded, fun, and challenging music education.

Why Should You Become A Band Booster?

Membership to the Charlestown Band Booster Association is open to all current Parents and Guardians of our Band students and to all former Alumni Band students. Just because voting rights are only opened to people in those categories does not mean that a person cannot volunteer with our organization and attend meetings. All of our meetings are opened to public and all voices matter. Since we represent this community, the voice of the community is and always will be represented so that we may improve and keep our Band programs at the most proficient and equally represented level possible. Any person can come to our meetings and participate in our mission.

Our organization needs all of the help we can get. There is always room for more help. More help and community support will help us with fundraising efforts and will help to raise awareness for our cause and for our mission to support our bands. More participation will help our programs function more efficiently, will help us to travel more and do more things, will encourage others to participate in and follow our efforts, and will help us work towards our fundraising goals. Our organization is funded through fundraising and donations, not through mandatory fees or through membership dues. Membership is free and attending Band Booster administered events is not mandatory. Just being a part and being there to help is better than watching and waiting for something to get done. Community support is the best way to raise awareness for our cause and to accomplish our mission.

What Has Changed?

Since participation in our program has been lower in recent years due to various circumstances, we looked for new ways to improve the program so that more people would volunteer and participate. The very first thing we decided to do was redo our bylaws. Our organization completely revised our old Constitution and Bylaws in order to simplify them and remove things that were outdated due to our change in size and change in participation.

One of the biggest changes that we voted on was to allow Alumni, our former band students, to participate in the program. For many years former band students have followed our program, but they have been unable to participate and do the things that they love. Now, with the bylaws changed, they can participate in our Band Booster program and help our band in many ways unlike they could previously. Since changing the bylaws, participation at our meetings has been gradually increasing, which is a good sign. In other words, we have moved away from a “parent-only” approach to a more open and community-oriented approach to how we do things.

We also rewrote the bylaws in an effort to work toward a 501(c)3 federal non-profit status. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization status is regulated and administered by the US Department of Treasury through the Internal Revenue Service. Getting this level of recognition would open the doors to more donations from bigger companies, such as Disney, Apple, Home Depot, and many larger companies who only donate to 501(c)3 organizations. It also creates better controls over finances and organization procedures since the federal government closely watches organizations under the status.

Another huge thing that we have been working on in recent months is improved communications. In an effort to improve communications between our programs, parents, guardians, our community, and our students, we have created a new website and new social media accounts. The website and social media accounts will help us to quickly spread news and information to a wide audience while also allowing us to share interesting information in a unique way that will hopefully engage more people into participating in our programs. We have created and uploaded important documents online and have created a digital interactive calendar. We also share events and fundraisers to spread information about them. The work has been paying off, as many parents and community members have been sharing photographs and videos of our band online, demonstrating increased community support.

Summing It Up

So, why should you participate in our Band Booster Association? Things have changed, we are more open now and we are listening. We need more help, there’s always room for more. We have goals, and we are working hard to achieve them. The Band programs could not function as they currently do without the support of our organization. We want to raise awareness for our cause, and we need everyone to help us do that. After all, the number one priority for our program is and always will be our students. So, join us in our mission!

Online Galore: Calendar Updates, Facebook, and Twitter

Our Band Boosters have been working hard on something recently, and it may just change how our band gets its information.

In the modern age of tech-savvy students and parents who are mobile, it is often hard to get people to listen to things when they are heard vocally or just read on a paper. People forget things. At least, that is the argument of our new Band Booster Secretary, Ryan McCracken.

“I forget stuff all the time,” he said. “Usually, I will save dates on my phone or I will set a notification to remind me when something is.”

Last year, Ryan, a former Marching Band and Concert Band Trumpet and Band Council President, volunteered as our Web Master with the hope that he could improve the communication within the Band Program.

“I just wanted to help. When I see something that I know can be fixed and there’s not enough people out there working to fix it, I want to be that person,” he said.

When the Band Boosters discussed amending the Bylaws early this year, Ryan attended the meetings and suggested amending the Bylaws to allow Alumni to serve in the program. Since he already volunteered for our program, he felt that he should be allowed to serve.

So, in May of 2015, the Band Booster Bylaws were ratified. Ryan was then nominated for Vice President, but turned it down to serve as our Secretary instead.

“I try to take detailed notes, I study Computer Science at school. I could use my experience to try new ways to improve our communications,” he said.

Now, after several months of work, our website is up and running. The website includes pages for every band program, all color guard programs, pep band, and other classes that will be offered in the 2015 school year. Our website also includes a calendar, volunteer information, Bylaws and Meeting Minutes, as well as a Band Council page and a page for our Band Director, Mr. Peterson.

“I tried to think of everything people can come here for. My goal is to make this site a one-stop shop for all things related to the Charlestown Band. You will notice how I put a bunch of links to our calendar in the navigation bar, I wanted it to be as easy as possible to find out when events are and where they are,” said Ryan.

Not only has Ryan worked on our website, he has been given administrative rights to our Band of Pirates Facebook Group.

“I am one of the administrators on the page, as well as Mr. Peterson and some of our former Alumni students from over the years,” said Ryan.

One problem that Ryan noticed with the Facebook Group was the lack of parents involved and the lack of ability to outreach to the community. That is why, after meeting with our President Susan Knoebel and Vice President Amy Farmer, he asked for approval to create a Facebook Like Page and a Twitter. The intentions of our new social media accounts are to create a more open atmosphere to include our community, hopefully increasing awareness for our programs and the mission of the Band Booster Association.

“I see news stations on Facebook and Twitter, always sharing news. That’s where I get most of my news from. I also see a lot of Like Pages that raise awareness for causes,” he said.

The Facebook Like Page will be ran on a “news-and-involvement” approach, according to Ryan, while the Facebook Group will serve for internal communication and private information or question-and-answer. The Twitter will serve just like the Like Page, but it will be geared toward mobile users and youth.

“Some things are better kept between us, and some things should be shared with the world. This is why we have a Group and a Like Page,” he said.

This approach has proven to work. The Like Page, at last count, had 57 likes after being made two days prior to this posting.

“Many people who had requested to be a member of the Facebook Group and had been waiting for a while due to not being involved in our program are now able to connect with our band program,” Ryan said.

Due to the privacy settings of the Facebook Group, all members must request membership or be invited by administrators of the Group. This is so that band information is only shared among band students, our director, and parents. However, one problem that has developed is that many graduated students are still in the Group and are administrators of the group. On top of that, many people who do not regularly show up to Booster Meetings or Band Events due to other priorities have not been able to join the Group due to not being recognized.

The Like Page and Twitter will be an easy way to share news with everyone and will be a unique way to involve our community, much like other school programs such as the Charlestown High School Theatre Department, Charlestown Pirate Pride, Scaliwags, and even Charlestown Middle School and Greater Clark County Schools.

“I will be involving our Band Council this year to make News Letters and to run this website and our Facebook Group. The Band Boosters and Mr. Peterson will run the Like Page and Twitter. Hopefully no one will be able to say that they didn’t know when or where something was, because it will be posted online and will be sent home.”

Follow and Like us! http://facebook.com/charlestownbandofpirates and http://twitter.com/charlestownband.

In addition to the content posted above, our Band Calendar has been updated. The calendar can be found below or on our calendar page on this website. Marching Band performance dates have been added to the Facebook Page.

< 2015 >

Official Bylaw Change and New Officers!

The Charlestown Band Boosters held their annual election meeting on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 and voted to amend the Association bylaws. The new update includes many new revisions.

Among the changes are new working for membership, where Alumni are allowed to serve as Band Boosters alongside parents and guardians. In the past, only parents and guardians were allowed to be Band Boosters. Due to various factors and the interest shown by Alumni who have volunteered over the past few years, it became clear that Alumni should be incorporated into the program in order to gain more help, participation, and to maintain traditions in our program. All Alumni who wish to join the Band Boosters just simply need to show up to a Booster meeting and fill out a sign-up sheet. Those who don’t show up for an entire year are automatically removed from our roster and must sign-up again.

Most committees were removed as our size and priorities have changed over the years. In the past, committees served as a group of people appointed for a specific function in order to keep things organized. However, as our size decreased, our Boosters had less people able to join committees, so they became irrelevant as many people just did multiple jobs.

Necessary wording for 501(c)3 was added in a step toward acquiring the certification from the United States Internal Revenue Service. 501(c)3 is a nationally recognized charitable organization status that would eventually allow us to hold larger fundraisers and get donations from larger corporations. Currently, the Band Boosters are an Indiana state recognized non-profit organization. The Band Boosters are now required by the bylaws to give monthly financial reports to Greater Clark County Schools and school administration.

To read more on our huge bylaw change, please read them here.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Spring Band Concert and Elections

There is an important Band Booster meeting on Thursday, May 14th at 7:00pm in the Charlestown High School band room. The Band Boosters will be voting on bylaw amendments and electing new officers. All positions are up for grabs! Please don’t be afraid to run and come out to vote for who will be representing your children for the next year. This meeting is highly important and all parents, guardians, and alumni are encouraged to attend. Please look at the previous Bylaw Amendment post to read the new bylaws before the meeting.

The Middle and High School concert bands will be performing their annual Spring band concert in the Charlestown High School auditorium at 6:30pm on Thursday, May 28th, 2015.

Annual Teeshirt Sponsorship

It is that time a year again when your Charlestown Marching Band of Pirates are preparing for their 2015 season. This year theme is Joy. We are looking for Sponsors to help offset the cost of uniforms, busing to the competitions, and feeding the Band during the competitions. With your $50 Sponsorship (or more), you will be helping out some of the most talented Kids in Charlestown and New Washington. Plus, you will receive this year’s Marching T-shirt with your Name on the back listed as a sponsor for the band program.

You can send checks payable to :

Charlestown Band Boosters
P.O. Box 452
Charlestown, IN. 47111

Or contact Band Booster President Sherri Schladen at 502-551-2193.

Thank you for your Support,

CHS Band Boosters

The T-Shirt Sponsorship Form can be found below:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Charlestown Band of Pirates Wins WHAS11/USA Today “Band of the Week”

The Charlestown Band of Pirates, during an outstanding marching season finale on Saturday, also won a little something special on the day of their last competition.

The Band was featured on local television for winning the Band of the Week for the week of October 25th. The competition, hosted by local news channel WHAS 11 in coordination with USA Today High School Sports, features one band a week through the end of the normal football season for outstanding performance, dedication, and hard work. Bands are nominated by people around the Louisville metro area.

Once the regular Band of the Week competition ends, there will  be an online vote to decide the local Band of the Year. The winning band will be invited to the WHAS 11 studio to perform on live television.

WHAS 11 Newscast

USA Today High School Sports Video

Courier Journal Video